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Noir Jewellery Collection Bangle

Red and Yellow Gold rings

Red Gold Ring set with Tourmaline

Rose Gold Ring by Topiary & Ashe

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Filigree Earrings

Design Methodology

My design methodology is intrinsically linked with the concept of integrity. Integrity of design and of craftsmanship, as well as the integrity or quality of the materials used in the manufacturing process, are all aspects of my belief system. In this way the methods I follow is intertwined with my own life philosophy and history. My academic background as well as the time we spent obtaining firsthand experience in the jewellery and couture industries have led me […]

18ct Red Gold ring set with a Tourmaline

18ct Red Gold ring

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Sterling Silver Cuff links

Sterling Silver Cuff links

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18ct White Gold rings with white diamonds, champagne diamonds and Rose de France Amethyst

Precious pieces


LE COLLIER D'ARGENT Neckpiece shown at Cavalli Estate Boutique


LE COLLIER D’ARGENT Neck piece. When it comes to the design process, inspiration comes to me from many different avenues. I am often (quite unconsciously) motivated by both historical references as well as my immediate day-to-day surroundings. Many of my designs incorporate an interesting tension caused by a juxta positioning of, for instance modern and old, intricate and clean cut, heavy and fine, masculine and feminine. This tension, I feel is in tune with our personal experience […]

The New Noir Jewellery Collection

The New Noir Jewellery Collection The Need to Adorn In my view artists have always attempted to satisfy the need to give ‘form’ to the indescribable, yet intuitively ‘known’ entities that arise from their experience on earth. As an artist I have always been fascinated by jewellery as a highly personal art form, which contains so many resounding symbolic connotations – the almost archetypal implication of the materials used and the significance of being directly in contact […]


Black Onyx & Diamond Earrings

Starfish Pendant

Starfish Pendant

2 little rings for my mother-in-law...

2 little rings for my mother-in-law…

Ring with interchangeable screws...

Ring with interchangeable screws…

Topiary and Ashe – Creating Fine Jewelry