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Red and Yellow Gold rings

Red Gold Ring set with Tourmaline

Rose Gold Ring by Topiary & Ashe

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Topiary & Ashe Logo

Topiary & Ashe Press Release

  PRESS RELEASE Tucked away in a small studio in a leafy suburb of Somerset West, lies a real gem…a small, specialized jewellery design company with the name of Topiary & Ashe. It was started by proprietor Ronel Bauermeister at the beginning of 2010, after her previous partnership and company Boezaart Bauermeister disbanded. After the commercial successes of Boezaart Bauermeister in the fashion and jewellery industry, Ronel now says that she is happy to leave behind the […]

Boezaart Bauermeister Logo

My History at Boezaart Bauermeister

  BOEZAART BAUERMEISTER was a small, highly specialized jeweler company situated in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Proprietors Kim Boezaart and Ronel Bauermeister provided unparalleled personal service and offered design excellence to a worldwide audience. The brand was launched during Cape Town Fashion Week 2004. The company subsequently hosted fashion shows at CTFW in 2005 and 2006, where their unique, precious ‘metal lace’ and architectural designs of jewellery and accessories were shown. BOEZAART BAUERMEISTER was celebrated in the design […]

2007 JUN Sarie Magazine featuring Boezaart Bauermeister Jewellery Design

Media received while at Boezaart Bauermeister

Boezaart Bauermeister-CTFW 2006

CAPE TOWN FASHION WEEK 2006 by Boezaart Bauermeister

Cloths and Jewellery designed by Boezaart Bauermeister.

Boezaart Bauermeister-CTFW 2005

CAPE TOWN FASHION WEEK 2005 by Boezaart Bauermeister

Cloths and Jewellery designed by Boezaart Bauermeister.

Topiary and Ashe – Creating Fine Jewelry