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Noir Jewellery Collection Bangle

Red and Yellow Gold rings

Red Gold Ring set with Tourmaline

Rose Gold Ring by Topiary & Ashe

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On design…

On the design process: Alan Fletcher said: ” Whereas painters are concerned with solving their own problems, designers occupy themselves solving other people’s problems” He goes on by stating” Their aim goes beyond finding a solution; it’s the elegance of the solution that counts. That’s a personal challenge rather than utilitarian discipline. A commitment rather than a involvement. ” design is an intelligent equation between purpose and construction” Alan Fletcher “Trying to explain how to ride a […]

Filigree Earrings

Design Methodology

My design methodology is intrinsically linked with the concept of integrity. Integrity of design and of craftsmanship, as well as the integrity or quality of the materials used in the manufacturing process, are all aspects of my belief system. In this way the methods I follow is intertwined with my own life philosophy and history. My academic background as well as the time we spent obtaining firsthand experience in the jewellery and couture industries have led me […]

Prong setting

Bespoke – the client and jeweler relationship

Bespoke – the client and jeweler relationship I enjoy creating bespoke pieces, as this is when really we touch base with of people’s experience of  jewellery. The intuitive process of summing up the client’s needs becomes the challenge. These are  ideas that they often cannot express themselves. As designers we are thereafter confronted with the task of communicating the end result to the client before they have physically held in their hands. This is where a measure […]

Topiary & Ashe Logo

Topiary & Ashe Press Release

  PRESS RELEASE Tucked away in a small studio in a leafy suburb of Somerset West, lies a real gem…a small, specialized jewellery design company with the name of Topiary & Ashe. It was started by proprietor Ronel Bauermeister at the beginning of 2010, after her previous partnership and company Boezaart Bauermeister disbanded. After the commercial successes of Boezaart Bauermeister in the fashion and jewellery industry, Ronel now says that she is happy to leave behind the […]

Boezaart Bauermeister-CTFW 2006

CAPE TOWN FASHION WEEK 2006 by Boezaart Bauermeister

Cloths and Jewellery designed by Boezaart Bauermeister.

Boezaart Bauermeister-CTFW 2005

CAPE TOWN FASHION WEEK 2005 by Boezaart Bauermeister

Cloths and Jewellery designed by Boezaart Bauermeister.

Topiary and Ashe – Creating Fine Jewelry