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Noir Jewellery Collection Bangle

Red and Yellow Gold rings

Red Gold Ring set with Tourmaline

Rose Gold Ring by Topiary & Ashe

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Silver Chain and Hammered Tiara (black rhodium plated)

Photoshoot with Tasha Seccombe

  On the 7th of November my good friend, and fantastic wedding photographer, Tasha Seccombe did a shoot together to showcase her photographic genius and my jewellery. This was the outcome! We had fantastic help: The Model: Karen Engelbrecht Hair and Make-up: Chante Le Sueur The Flowers: Flowers in the Foyer, Stellenbosch The Spot: My mom and dad’s holiday house in Betty’s Bay And we had oodles of FUN…

pink diamonds

Pink Diamonds

NATURAL PINK DIAMONDS Naturally colored diamonds have been greatly desired gemstones for many centuries and continues to INSPIRE FASCINATION with people till this day. One of the rarest, most exotic and today most fashionable of colored diamonds are PINK DIAMONDS. This includes shades ranging from PASTEL PINK to INTENSE FUCHSIA. There have been a variety of records for pink diamond set recently. There was theĀ “the perfect pink” diamond sold for over $23 million to a collector at […]

Smokey Quartz Dentelle Ring

How to care for your gemstones…

  TOPIARY & ASHE GEMSTONE CARE Although gemstones are among the most durable of substances, they do need some care. Following a few general rules will make sure that they last for generations and will look like the day you bought them. First of all: keep them clean! Rings in particular tend to collect dust and soap behind the stone, particularly if you wear them all the time. To clean transparent crystalline gemstones, simply soak them in […]

2007 JUN Sarie Magazine featuring Boezaart Bauermeister Jewellery Design

Media received while at Boezaart Bauermeister

Topiary and Ashe – Creating Fine Jewelry