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Noir Jewellery Collection Bangle

Red and Yellow Gold rings

Red Gold Ring set with Tourmaline

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Beautiful Pearls

Beautiful Pearls HISTORY: The mystique of pearls is locked up, not only in their exquisite beauty, but also in the spiritual value given to them by many factions of religious and devout thought. The exotic quality associated with pearls result from the unique way in which they are formed in nature as well as the foreign destinations from where they mostly originate. It is said that the East first introduced gem quality pearls to the West during […]

Smokey Quartz Dentelle Ring

How to care for your gemstones…

  TOPIARY & ASHE GEMSTONE CARE Although gemstones are among the most durable of substances, they do need some care. Following a few general rules will make sure that they last for generations and will look like the day you bought them. First of all: keep them clean! Rings in particular tend to collect dust and soap behind the stone, particularly if you wear them all the time. To clean transparent crystalline gemstones, simply soak them in […]

How to care for your pearls…

  TOPIARY & ASHE PEARL CARE The hardness of gemstones is measured on a scale of 1 to 10, which is called the Mohs scale. All gemstones softer than 7 is known to scratch easily. This includes pearls and for this reason pearl jewellery have to be kept separate to all other jewellery pieces. Scratches will deaden the luster of the pearl and cause it to appear dull and lifeless. Pearls should also not be exposed to […]

2007 JUN Sarie Magazine featuring Boezaart Bauermeister Jewellery Design

Media received while at Boezaart Bauermeister

Topiary and Ashe – Creating Fine Jewelry