Topiary & Ashe

It all started when…

To this day my mother will remind me that when as a child I played among the Limpopo sand, I would gather many shiny pieces of glass and joyfully play for hours with these as my only toys. Later I became fond of building items from cardboard and paper and then painting them in bright colors.

When I walked into the University many years afterwards to study a Bachelors degree in Jewellery Design & Manufacture, I felt for the first time as if I truly belonged. I flourished in this course and after completing it Cum Laude I went on to lecture at the University. During this time I designed the keystone pieces of the my Noir Collection – the set of three triangular inside-out bangles. As a young artist I send these designs in to a competition I could not even dream of winning. But my dream came true. With these designs I was awarded the honor of being one of the 30 winners worldwide of the highly prestigious World Gold Council Gold Virtuosi Awards (2002). My partner and I were flown to Italy to receive this award. Afterwards the pieces was exhibited at the World Gold Council Gold Virtuosi Awards 2 Exhibitions, Vincenza (Italy), New York, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Cape Town (2002-2003).

After this success the pull of the outside business world was great, and I established a company Boezaart Bauermeister in the prestigious historical part of Stellenbosch. My business partner and I started with a bang, hosting our own shows at CTFW (couture & jewellery) for 3 years consecutively. We went from strength to strength attracting the attention of countless celebrities and gaining acclaim among our peers in the jewellery trade. Later Boezaart Bauermeister launched a sister company in London. But as many good things it was not destined to last. The recession of 2008 was hard on our business, which was not yet truly strong enough to withstand this downward trend in the luxury goods market.

Afterwards, stepping out of the corporate arena, I down-scaled and started a small jewellery design company called TOPIARY & ASHE. This led me down some other fruitful and gratifying avenues. I have for instance been proud to stock my NOIR Collection at Cavalli Estate Boutique. I am also now able to spend more time taking part in contemporary jewellery exhibitions and generally enjoy a more artistic outlook.

TOPIARY & ASHE offers a bespoke designing & manufacturing service to discerning individuals, as well as offering unique ready-to-wear collections.