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  • All images used on this website is the property of Topiary & Ashe. All the jewellery pieces displayed here have been produced by Topiary & Ashe and therefore should not be copied in its entirety.
  • Topiary & Ashe will only use metals of the highest quality and will endeavor to produce the best possible workmanship to ensure the longevity and sturdiness of any piece produced.
  • When Topiary & Ashe is given a client's own gemstones to be used in the make-up of a piece, these stones will not be tested beforehand. It is taken in good faith by Topiary & Ashe that the stones are indeed that which the client claims them to be. Therefore the authenticity of the stones cannot be verified by Topiary & Ashe.
  • When diamonds are purchased from Topiary & Ashe, Topiary & Ashe gives the assurance that the diamonds have been purchased from legitimate sources and are not involved in funding conflict and are therefore in compliance with United Nations Resolutions. The undersigned hereby guarantees that these diamonds are conflict free, based on the personal knowledge and/or written guarantees by the supplier of these diamonds.
  • All gemstones should be treated with respect and with the acknowledgement of each gemstone's hardness and durability. Topiary & Ashe cannot be held liable for chips and damages to gemstones after a piece has been delivered.
  • Topiary & Ashe will always disclose the treatment procedure of an specific gemstone. We will try to be as transparent as possible and will declare any advancements to a stone. Learn more about gemstone treatments at:
  • Many of Topiary & Ashe's heavy Sterling Silver pieces are plated with a heavy gold plating. This makes it possible for Topiary & Ashe to make bold pieces at an affordable price, while still working in precious metal. This heavy gold plating is much thicker that the customary yellow / rose gold plating used commercially. This ensures that the plating will not wear down as fast as other gold plating options. However Topiary & Ashe cannot guarantee that it will not abrade over time as it is only a surface layer. This is especially true in the case of rings where the jewellery piece is exposed to a great deal of contact with other surfaces. Please feel free to contact Topiary & Ashe when this happens. Topiary & Ashe can re-plate your piece for a small fee or otherwise recommend somewhere in your area which offers this service. Gold plating is readily available at most jewelers worldwide.
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